EVERCARE Sanitary Napkin – Night 340mm (5’s)

Packing Size : 96 packs x 5 pads
Dimension (MM) : 580(L) x 490(W) x 290(H)
CBM : 0.0824 m3
Gross Weight : 6.90 kg


  • Winged
  • Made from fluff pulp imported from USA
  • Leakproof layer with double anti-leakage protection
  • High Absorbent
  • Side gather to prevent side leakage even large amount of menses
  • Cottony cover which provide soft and smooth on delicate skin
  • Individual PE Wrapper
  • Breathable Backsheet for extra comfort
  • Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL) to accelerate the penetration and diffusion of fluid
  • Certified Suci (Pure) product by Islamic Food Research Centre